VHP in support of H1B Visa holders in U.S.A. : Boycott US Goods

New Delhi: Terming as “discriminatory” the US move to bar firms receiving government bailout from hiring Indian and other foreign workers through the skilled worker visa (H1-B) programme, the VHP on Wednesday threatened to boycott goods of US-based MNCs in the country.

“The proposed discriminatory clauses that US companies employing H1-B visa holders will not be eligible to receive any sanctions from the USD 787 billion stimulus package are hurting Indians abroad. We are determined to take up this issue in a similar fashion by disallowing American products in India,” Togadia said.
If Green Card holding Americans-Indians think they are above all this and will not be hurt by the move, then they are living in fools paradise. Lakhs of Indians were thrown out without any mercy from Uganda, Fiji and most importantly in Kenya – the country of origin of new American President Barack Obama,” he added.

The VHP demanded immediate intervention of the Indian government on the matter.

The organisation will launch a movement against 14 US based MNCs marketing their products and services in India if the decision of the US government is not revoked, Togadia said.

Source: http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=14858673&?vsv=TopHP1


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